37th Annual Seniors Better Ball Invitational


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General - Entry limited to FIRST 70 TEAMS to apply. Entrants must be male, amatuer contestants, 55 years of age or older. Play
is at scratch. Entry fee and cart rental fee must accompany the application to be assured consideration. Please include phone
# and email address to be assured of receiving future correspondence.

Schedule and Plan of Tournament
Practice rounds may be played on Tuesday by all entrants. Register for the practice round at pro shop. The practice round includes on course prizes & mini tournament. An optional Skins Game will be avialable.
1. The Tournament will be played over two days, flighted after the first day. Tee times will be between 7:40 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. both days. Wednesday tee times will be based upon preference when possible. Thursday tee times will be by order of finish, with lowest scores teeing off last.
2. In all cases, flight prizes will be determined by a match of cards beginning with Thursday’s score. Should a tie exist for the Overall Championship, it will be broken with a sudden death playoff. (See details below.)
3. Entries will be confirmed on or before Sept. 5 th , 2023

Prizes - Prizes will be awarded to at least the first four teams in each flight. 7 Flights of 10. A medalist prize. The overall champion will be the low team for two days play, regardless of flight. On course prizes on Wednesday with optional skins.

Entries - Entries shall apply on form attached. A $330 entry fee shall be paid by every team. The entry fee includes Lunch at Halfway House Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Sausage with peppers and onions.)

Carts – All teams must use carts. To be assured a reserved cart, the check accompianing your application MUST include the amount of $80, $40 for member with own cart. (covering 3 days play) Carts cannot be reserved for two days play. No cart fee for two members with own carts. Rules govering golf cart operations must be strickly observed.

Conditions – The Tournament Committee reserrves the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein. The decision
of the Tournament Committee in any matters shall be final. THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY ENTRY IS ALSO RESERVED. In such case
the entry would be refunded.

Rules of Play and Local Rules – All play will be governed by the USGA and local rules in effect at the time of the tournament. If a question exists and an immedieate ruling is impractical, play a provisional ball. Play both balls out and seek a ruling from the committee upon completion of play.

Sudden Death - Order of play will be holes: 18,1,9,10. Play will commence 15 minutes after completion of play by all teams in contention.

General Info – Coffee and donuts, included in the entry fee, will be available on Wednesday and Thursday. Golf Shop 570-724-1653 Ext.1 Tournament Committee – Mike Pettitt – Tom Rudy – Dave Kohler


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